AppraisalSave is a company built by Appraisers for Appraisers. We were created to fill a gap in the market and ultimately enhance your existing appraisal business, NOT REPLACE IT! It’s great lower stress filler work, which allows you to begin enjoying your job again and making more money!

Basic (<2,999sf) single-family residential home, condo, or manufactured home assignments are to be developed on non-lender forms 1004, 1004C, or 2055 with a General Certification. Full interior/exterior inspections are to be performed unless otherwise specified by the client. Appraisers fee schedule is pre-set and as follows – SFR, condo, manufactured home, and vacant land, $320. 2 unit/duplex, $420. 3-4 unit/Duplex, $520. Jumbo homes (>2,999sf to 3,999sf) add $90 to your base fee. Residential homes >3,999sf (above grade) are the market price and are subject to current local rates. 72-hour rush (after physical inspection date/time), $75. Rush fee is paid to the appraiser only after successfully uploading the report within the allotted time. Sunday delivery date for 72-hour rush has a one-day grace period and is then due on or before 96 hours from the day/time of inspection (ONLY when the due date falls on Sunday). The fee panel is pre-set, and negotiating different fee schedule is prohibited.

Discount Fee= Less Hassles

AppraisalSave appraisals are NOT FOR LENDING purposes only, they may not be utilized for formal lending purposes. By following these basic reporting guidelines you may enjoy work with:

  • No call backs
  • No additional comp requests
  • No 1004MC
  • No UAD
  • No Fannie Mae grading your work
    all of this and
  • Lessened liability

AppraisalSave has created a selection/ordering process by which an appraiser is selected for an assignment based primarily on his/her proximity to the subject property. Other criteria available to the customer are appraisers average turn-time, years of experience, and license type. Specialized areas of expertise such as commercial appraising and expert testimony experience are also available for consideration during the customers ordering process.

Typically there will be no waiting for payment. AppraisalSave assignments are required to be paid in full at the door or in advance.

Complete the report, upload it, and you’re done, PERIOD. For our efforts we take a small referral/coordination fee of just $25 of the base $195 fee paid by the customer.

You do the hard work, you should keep the lion’s share of the money!

Receiving Work Through AppraisalSave Is Quick, And Easy!

Simply fill out the sign-up form and that’s about it. Appraisers MUST be in good standing with each respective state in which they chose to work. We also require a current pdf copy of your appraisers license. We wish we could say there is more to it but it really is that easy to signup.

When deciding whether AppraisalSave is right for you we would like you to consider these basic questions.

Q: Have lending regulations and the new Fannie Mae grading/monitoring system given you cause for concern?

A: Never before has our profession been scrutinized and micro-managed more then it has right now.

Q: What percentile of your overall business comes in the form of pre-listing assignments referred by Realtors?

A: For most appraisers they are few and far between. Standard appraisal fee’s of $395+ are simply to costly for Realtors to justify recommending to their client on a regular basis.

Q: What percentile of your overall business comes from bankruptcy assignments?

A: In bankruptcy cases attorneys in the past have utilized BPO’s, CMA’s, or Zillow by Realtors as their main source of home valuation support. Cost consideration made it nearly impossible for many of their clients to afford a standard rate appraisal, until AppraisalSave!

Q: What percentile of your overall business comes from PMI removal assignments?

A: This category is a major focus of our business. These assignments are typically low stress, and many times less difficult to perform due to the customers smaller average home size.

Q: What percentage of your lending assignments are returned to you for additional work i.e. more comparables, detailed explanations, why did you not consider this data, and on, and on….?

Follow these simple reporting guidelines and you will rarely hear back from your customers!

  1. You must be in good standing and have a current appraiser license in the state in which you practice.
  2. Adhere to USPAP guidelines on all assignments. Original comparable photos are a Fannie / Freddie guideline, not USPAP. Each appraiser should abide by their own company policy in that regard.
  3. All reports, unless otherwise specified by the client, are to have interior and exterior inspections performed. Interior/Exterior photos of the subject property shall also be included in the report. Single family residential form 1004 (non-lending or general purpose) or form 2055. All reports must contain a non-lending General Certification.
  4. A Minimum of three “sold homes” (four preferred), minimum of one active listing or pending sale IF in fact they are “Comparable”. Active sales really do lend a great deal of value support to a value conclusion.

In short simply do your job. Provide your client with good customer service, and a solid, common sense appraisal with credible data to support your value.

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