Valuing your home for bankruptcy proceedings may be the difference between keeping, or losing your home, don’t leave this important task to chance. Hire one of our respected, independent appraisers to give you the proof you will need. Our appraisers have a average of over 12-years appraising experience. Part of our registration process allows individual appraisers to expand on certain areas of expertise in which they excel.

Prior to ordering your AppraisalSave report, you will have access to individual appraiser information, such as:

  • Each appraiser’s years of experience
  • Expert testimony experience
  • State license type
  • Average completion time per assignment
  • Each appraiser’s proximity, in miles, to property to be appraised.

Order with confidence knowing beforehand that the appraiser you select has the experience and credentials needed to perform this important task. AppraisalSave reports are commonly submitted in bankruptcy courts with very solid results (per feedback from attorney’s and clients).

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