Homeowners Remove Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) With appraisalsave.com

Who loves their Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)? That’s what we thought!

PMI Removal/Equity Verification is our fastest growing service. Our reports are perfect for this task and it will cost you ½ the price of our competitors.

Unfortunately, mortgage service providers are woefully slow to inform you when your home has exceeded that 20% equity threshold that would no longer require you to pay a monthly PMI premium. appraisalsave.com can help you get this charge removed in three simple steps.

Here’s what you will need to do:

First Step: Contact your mortgage holder/bank and ask if your home qualifies to have the PMI removed. In many cases, any mortgage with at least 24 months seasoning will qualify for removal, if the equity minimum (20%) has been met.

Second Step: Go to appraisalsave.com and “Order Now” from one of our certified, licensed appraisers to prepare the proper appraisal report to submit as proof of value. We can automatically submit it for you, if given the proper information during the scheduling process, or send it to you to deliver.

Third Step: Take your family out for a nice dinner and movie with the savings!

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