Estate Settlement / Planning

During those unfortunate times when a loved one passes, and an estate must be settled, AppraisalSave is here to make the process just a little easier.

Since our appraiser selection process may be done blindly all family members may rest easy knowing there will be a non-bias, neutral, appraisal report performed. No one person knows the name of the appraiser hired until after the job has been scheduled, this is meant to minimize concerns over collusion. Don’t worry, you will still have all the information needed to select the appraiser best qualified to satisfy your appraisal needs. If by chance, there is an appraiser you were referred to or are familiar with, you may still select him/her for the job.

Before ordering your AppraisalSave report, you will have access to individual appraiser information, such as:

  • Each appraiser’s years of experience
  • Expert testimony experience
  • State license type
  • Average completion time per assignment
  • Each appraiser’s proximity, in miles, to property to be appraised.

Estate Settling and Planning appraisals are one of our most popular assignment requests. We have the appraisers ready to help when you need us.

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