My Realtor has suggested I get an appraisal for our home before we list, but shouldn’t he know how much my home should sell for?

This is the fastest growing segment of our company. Your Realtor may have a very good idea of your home’s current value. However, many times in this turbulent market homes are selling but the appraisals come in under the sale price and the deal therefore falls through. This requires the potential buyer to bring additional money to close, or the sale price has to be lowered. AppraisalSave will give you reassurance that after you do find a willing buyer, your home will appraise for a value sufficient to finalize the deal. We would highly recommend that if one of the Realtors you are considering working with recommends AppraisalSave you give him/her serious consideration. It is obvious that they have your best interest in mind.

We like to think of it as Appraisal Insurance. No matter how much your home appraised for 1, 2, or 5 years ago it is extremely likely that your home’s value has changed, sometimes positively or many times negatively. With our report it allows you to know if your home’s value is sufficient to warrant continuing the loan refinance process. The average cost of a bank refinance appraisal today may cost as much as $600 in some markets which usually is required to be paid up front. If the value isn’t there then AppraisalSave has just saved you $275.

New banking/lending rules regulate how appraisers are hired. Since we (AppraisalSave) are hired and working for you, the homeowner, the report cannot be used for formal lending purposes.

I’m getting a divorce, may I use the this report during mediation or for court purposes?

Yes, however there will be additional fees if the appraiser is called to testify in court as an expert witness.

All of our participating appraisers are licensed and in good standing with their respective states of business. During your selection process you are shown their license type, degree of experience in years, areas of expertise, and their average completion time of report. Appraiser distance from intended home to be appraised also ensures your appraiser has adequate knowledge of your specific neighbourhood/market. Our appraisers are allowed to accept assignments only within a reasonable radius of your home ensuring no long distance appraisers from across the state will be knocking on your door.