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Homeowners and Realtors, alike, regard AppraisalSave as a vital tool in a real estate transaction.

Pre-listing / Pre-purchase appraisal assignments are by far our most common assignment type. provides an impartial third-party opinion when valuing a home. There are thousands of dollars that may be gained by knowing the appraised value of your home before listing. It’s a real estate insider’s secret that if your home sold in a day or two there is a high likelihood that it was underpriced. Alternatively, if it sets on the market for too long, it is likely overpriced.

Unfortunately, when your home sits on the market too long, there is a high-likelihood that you will sell it for less than had you listed it at the proper price in the first place.

Our independent appraisers use the guidelines that are utilized by bank appraisers when conducting mortgage appraisal assignments. Ninety-nine percent of our appraisers do full-fee bank appraisal assignments in addition to AppraisalSave work. Our reports increase the likelihood of mortgage financing by knowing appraised value before the sale. No more deals falling through because the bank appraisal came in low!

When listing a property Realtors have come to realize that a professional appraisal may be the difference in selling a home or losing the listing. Homeowners have to sift through a wide-range of value opinions submitted by each Realtor that is interviewed. Unrealistic homeowner value expectations may lead to pressure put on the agent to list a home at a price they know to be higher than the market will accept.

In many instances, the realtor that is hired to sell your home is a friend or family member. Utilize AppraisalSave as a non-biased authority to ensure your home is priced appropriately and the experience is a beneficial one for all parties involved. Utilizing an AppraisalSave Report, can safeguard you against pricing errors and disagreements, helping you in maintaining a positive professional and personal relationship.

Here are some other ways our appraisals may assist you:

  • Gain the respect and loyalty of clients by saving them money.
  • Gain additional time with a listing by confirming list price accuracy.
  • Gain an advantage over your competition when being considered for a listing.
  • Get help with tricky listings that you’re not sure of a fair market value.

The real estate professionals that employ the AppraisalSave service are a very loyal bunch. They understand how AppraisalSave can be utilized to increase their professionalism and their income.

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